About Us


At the start!

Long time customers know this is a family run business started by the Nasby's in October of 1996.  As Garry got to the age of retirement it was time to sell the business to someone who would continue to put the Care in CareTek. He found the Markowski's who were looking to get out of the big city and move somewhere a little slower. That is what brings us to the biggest little city in the province. 


Computers Computers Computers!

The language we speak is computers.  Not sure what your computer is doing or not sure why it is not doing what you think it should be doing. That is where CareTek comes in, we service and repair a wide range of computers, Tablets and electronic devices.  


Stop By!

 We are located in the heart of the downtown core of Melville.  160 3rd Avenue west.  We serve customer from Melville and the surrounding area so stop in or give us a call.  We will be happy to answer your questions. 

Take Care and see you soon!